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Studio Living

A studio apartment, also known as a bachelor’s apartment, contains the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom into one unit. It is a common housing choice for university students, single people, as well as elderly people.

Studio-living is similar to apartment-living, except it is smaller. It is convenient due to the ease of cleaning and maintenance they offer. Oftentimes, studio units can accommodate both a person and a pet, and is more affordable than other housing options due to its small size. This helps save money for future expenditures.

For students, a studio is a more secluded version of a dorm, and an easier way to cut back on accommodation costs. It is popular among students who value privacy. However, an issue that arises studio-living is that it offers little opportunity to socialise, since one does not live with a dorm mate. While studio-dwellers do have neighbors, they don’t have the time to bond with each other as dorm-mates do. It may also be located further away from campus, which prompts traveling costs.

Singles like living in a studio because it fits their lifestyle. Apartments and other housing options are both expensive and hard to maintain, especially for working professionals. Studios are in close proximity with each other, making it easy for its occupants to find and meet people.

For elderly people, studios are also a popular choice because they are more affordable and low-maintenance. This helps them to sustain themselves and be more independent whilst being manageable. Living in a studio does have its limitations for the elderly. For one, it does not support a live-in caregiver and it may be uncomfortable at times due to the lack of space.

Overall, studio apartments are a better alternative for single people, elderly and the students as they are affordable, small and requires less maintenance compared to other housing alternatives.

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