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Secrets to Creating a Minimalist Home

Along with the awakening of our eco-consciousness comes the rising trend of minimalist living. A lot of people are now more mindful of their carbon footprints and trying to live without unnecessary things. Some are simplifying their lifestyle, going zero waste, or simply decluttering. So, whether you're in it for the lifestyle change or just because it looks "nice and clean," you should definitely read on.

Here are some tips to going the minimalist route, and maintaining it. 


First things first, eliminate the unnecessary. If you're just starting out with minimalist living, you probably have things tucked away somewhere at the back of your house that you don't even use. You might not even remember having these items, which means that it's time to let go. It may sometimes be hard but take the time to ”Marie Kondo” your home. Trust us, it will do you good!

Choose furnishings in clean lines 

The beauty of minimalistic furniture is that it transcends trends. The minimalist look is refreshing because it offers an elegant, sophisticated appeal without overwhelming the senses. Choose furnishings that offer function and style. Don’t go after quantity - paring down what you have to what is most essential is what the minimalist philosophy is about.  

Clear surfaces

Okay, so you already purged the unnecessary, make sure that these things don't come back or simply get replaced. Stick with the “one in, one out policy” to ensure you do not eventually end up with clutter, though you started with a clean slate. Avoid placing too many decorations and clutter on tables and flat surfaces. A candle, some books, and one decor item is enough to offer a point of interest. 

Use subdued colors

Minimalism is not only about black and white or not having colors at all, but it's also about reducing stress and enhancing peace and calm in your life. You can achieve these by choosing a neutral color palette. Earth colors like brown, tan, green, blue and gray are good choices. Anything solid is good as long as it looks fresh, clean and simple!

Go for textures and simple patterns

To break the monotony without ruining the minimalist feel, you can bring in textiles with different textures like wool or linen. You can also opt for a carpet, rug or throw pillows in simple geometric patterns to make your home look more inviting. Remember to stick to your color palette for a cohesive look. 

Bring in life through plants

Plants create a more relaxing ambiance and scenery within your home. It is scientifically proven to reduce stress while enhancing the air quality in your home. Some beautiful and easy-to-care plants to consider are snake plants, peace lilies, and pothos. 

Add a dash of personality through art

Using art or photos is a way of letting your personality shine through in your minimalist home. It breaks the seriousness of your living space and gives it an interesting twist. Choose key pieces to put up on your walls or shelves. Minimalism is not about being plain and boring, it's finding beauty and joy in less.

Now that you’ve successfully cleared your home, it’s time to kick back and enjoy fuss-free living. Remember that minimalist living involves adapting to simpler habits. The last secret to having a minimalist home is to make an effort to stick to it. Having the willingness to let go of what is unnecessary and changing how you look at things will help maintain zen in your mind and in your home environment. 

So, are you ready to go minimalist?

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