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How to Maximize Your Space


One of the biggest challenges when it comes to living in small spaces would always be the actual amount of space you have available. This is why you have to maximise every corner of your home because every inch counts. A lot of us are left to deal with whatever space we have, but you can still live large if you take your space into account wisely.

Yes, we understand what it feels like when you don’t have enough room in your home, but don’t fret! Because we’re here to tell you that it’s possible to make things fit nicely. The key is to use space wisely. Here are a few tricks to help max out your space without being cluttered.

Use soft dividers instead of walls

Use room dividers for your space instead of putting up walls. You can also use glass walls or dividers to segregate your space without visually dividing a room. The point is to make an area serve different purposes, so you can easily configure your space when you have guests over. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a space big enough for your friends by just moving your furniture and dividers?

Draw the eye upward

This is a trick that gives your home the illusion of vertical space. You can use open wall shelves or bookcases to bring the eye upward. It functions as a decorative piece while at the same time giving you a place to display some of your plants and your other favorite decorative items. 

Keep the floor clear

Another way to get that make your home look more spacious is to install floor to ceiling shelves. The good thing is, top to bottom shelves don’t only allow you to maximize the space on your walls, it also keeps things off the floor —giving your home the illusion of a bigger space. Besides, it looks cleaner that way. 

Add some lofts

Not just in your bedroom, but anywhere where there’s space! However, a loft might disrupt the illusion of space created by vertical lines, so use it with caution. The most common idea is to use the loft as a sleeping space, but others choose to make it an office space or a living room area —and so on. Sure, it may feel cramped or abstruse if you’re used to traditional house layouts but it will definitely maximize your space. If you’re considering this idea, use it wisely and place it strategically.

Use awkward spaces for storage

We can’t emphasize the importance of storage spaces too much. You will need a lot of places to hide your items to make sure that they won’t be an eyesore to your living space. The space under the stairs, the corners of the bathroom or sink, and even underneath your seats can be put to good use for storage. The ottoman is a good place to start, but having custom-made drawers under the stairs is genius!

Hide what you can with art

Another good trick is using art like paintings, posters, and other decorative wall pieces to ‘camouflage” your stuff. Take the medicine cabinet as inspiration for this by maximizing the use of your wall space with built in cabinets or shelves hidden behind paintings and photos. This not only helps with organising things, it also beautifies your home. This answers the need for both function and aesthetic at the same time.

What do you think of these great ideas to maximize your space? Let us know if you have more tricks to share.

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