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How to Incorporate Interior Design Trends Into Your Home

Do you ever flip through a magazine (or browse online) and feel like you want to apply every other interior trend that comes your way? Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as changing phone wallpapers or outfits. Besides, trends don’t last forever. Something new comes up every year, and it is not practical to change your furniture or renovate your home every time there is a new fad. If you’re a design-conscious homeowner, here’s how you can incorporate trends into your home:

Plan it out

You will be investing your time and effort into creating your home’s interior so you might as well have it all planned out before diving in. Measure your available space and prioritize what needs to be chosen. Settle the most important, crucial and probably the most expensive items first. Once you have decided on your main pieces, you can mix and match everything else.


Deconstruct and reconstruct 

Deconstruct what is on-trend, choose your favorite element, and see if it is suitable for your home. You can follow trends and still be practical by having decor accents related to the trend. Remember, trends come and go, and you don’t want to get “stuck in the past” with a piece of home furniture that looks passe when the trend changes two years from now. 

Slowly but surely

You don’t need to buy everything at once, and you definitely don’t need to renovate your entire home in one go. Take time to build your space with items that you love, because while you love the things you currently have, you may also get sick and tired of them after a while. Over time, you will discover items that you like and see if your preferences change or evolve.


Choose artisan objects

Regardless of how big or small, artisan pieces always make a big impact. You don’t need expensive pieces, it just needs to be something that adds drama to your space as there is always something about items with history.

To discover these unique pieces, you can look out for works of emerging artists, go to indie events or even go online. You can also visit thrift or antique stores because those places always have something interesting laying around. Aside from the artistic value, it’s a great way to add personality into your home.


Color palettes

The design world can feed you so many photos and #goals, but what if you’re “allergic” to pink or any of the colors they’re saying is on-trend? You may see a lot of suggestions to use for your home but the decision is still entirely up to you. Choose a color palette you truly love – regardless of what the trend is because changing it so often can get stressful, especially when your furniture is involved. 

Go for neutral tones when it comes to major elements in your space. White never goes out of style, and it’s easy to match with items in other colors, too! You can still incorporate other colors if you want to, just do it through items that are simpler, cheaper, and easier to replace. You can alternate your throw pillows and curtains with different colors from time to time if you want to reinvent your space.

Old is gold

On the contrary, it’s not so bad getting stuck in the past if you’re talking about antiques. The classic or vintage style never gets old when it comes to interior. Not only are they cheaper – unless you’re buying high end, collector's items, but most of the time they’re sturdier and better-made. Function and durability still matter over aesthetics so don’t be afraid to go for the gold!

Overall, it is important to remember that fashion and interior are very diverse and fragmented. At the end of the day, the best design is the one you love! So don’t pressure yourself on making your home look like a page off of a catalog. After all, neon rainbow furniture and interior might be a thing one day, but they could go out of style tomorrow.

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