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How to Hygge Your Home

Hygge is a thing!

Yes, it’s actually a word. So, let’s try to understand Hygge a bit more. 

Hygge is a Danish concept and it’s all about enjoying the simple things in life. It’s the feeling of warmth, coziness and contentment. Why does it matter? Because Hygge is a way of life. We all want to have a happy life and a comfy home. Hygge is exactly that. Oh, and by the way, it’s pronounced "hoo-ga." 

So, how do you Hygge?

The idea of Hygge is creating a comfortable atmosphere. You can do that through your furniture, your decor, or by adding sensory elements like essential oils or scents. It’s like creating a nest, a safe zone, or a hideout where you can recharge when needed.

To hygge mean taking things slow

We always seem to be rushing, aren’t we? We’re always busy, always moving and on-the-go. We always have somewhere and we are always thinking about the next thing we have to do while doing the thing before that. Remember, we are only human and we have to take a step back from time to time. Being at home means taking it easy. To truly hygge, you need to slow down.

Choose furniture that complement your space 

Consider the size of your home when you select your furniture. It is important to find ones which are “just right” in order to create a soothing atmosphere. If you have a small living area, get furniture that are proportional to your space. Ideally, get those that serve dual-purpose, so you get two benefits in one. For example, consider a sofa which can be converted to a day-bed.  Avoid getting over-enthusiastic in adding furniture. Cover the essentials first, and then add more things, keeping in mind your available space.

Add decor and accents that evoke calmness

Home accessories do so much when it comes to setting the mood in your home. Wall art, photos and paintings of nature bring positive feelings. Adding soft cushions and fluffy blankets also bring comfort to your favourite place in your home.

Having candles are simple and inexpensive ways to beautify your home. Whether scented or unscented, candlelight transforms the clean, fresh style of classic Scandinavian interiors into a flickering getaway. Add layers or variations to your candles and watch your home transform into a magical escape. 

Indulgence that is inviting

Having a hygge setting is not about impressing your guests. Rather, it is creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes friends and family feel welcome in your home. Hygge is never about extravagance. Indulgence yes, but extravagance, no. Stick to what looks and feels good without going over-the-top.

Keep it sweet and simple

You don’t have to go big to transform your home into something cozy. A simple pillow or rug, or putting your favourite photographs on the wall can be mood lifters. Create a special spot and take the time to enjoy the items that you and your family love. It’s not about how many beautiful items you have, it’s about having the right hygge items in your space to make it inviting and peaceful.

Now that you understand what hygge means, you have a better idea of how you can transform your home!  Consider wall art, candles, and accents. Gather your favorite items together, and get inspired by the things that bring hygge into your life!

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