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How To Create A Gallery Wall

Everyone is looking for a way to beautify their home and there are so many ways to do this, depending on your taste and style. One very easy and convenient way to do so is by putting up a gallery wall.

No, you won't need to buy a lot of paintings worth thousands of dollars, you just need to find pieces that you absolutely love! So, how do you create a gallery wall?

Choose a theme

As with most decorating or DIY projects, having a theme is very important as it will help you get that polished look. It doesn't always have to be baby photos or family pictures, it can be works of art. Some good examples of themes for your gallery wall are travel, nature, architecture, abstract patterns, or Hollywood glam. Choose the theme depending on your taste and style to give your space a personal touch.

Size it up (or down)

There are several styles that you can do for your gallery wall. Some go big, occupying the entire space, and some go small, with just a dedicated space for all these photos. You can also arrange them symmetrically or asymmetrically, depending on how you want it. Consider the size of your available space when you decide on the approach you want to follow. 

Experiment with Colour

Colours are also important for the frame and for the artwork you will be using. Does your home follow a certain colour palette? Think about the colours that are used in your house as a whole. You can go for black and whites, monochromes, or you can choose specific colours and play around with it.

Mix and Match

Once you've figured out the theme, colour and style you want to go for, it's time to think of the textures. Mixing different textures in your artwork is an interesting way to give character to your gallery wall. Put landscape and portrait paintings together, mix different styles like prints, vintage movie posters or classic photographs and explore what works best.

Arrange Pieces

Before you start setting your artwork on the wall, make sure that you're good with the arrangement of each frame. You see, it's all about placement. You might have different sizes or different shades, so it's good to arrange your pieces accordingly before setting them on the wall. Move items around and switch them us as needed. Once you are satisfied with your arrangement, you can now go ahead and put your wall decor up.

Prints are Good

You don't have to buy wall art from a physical store and choose one off the bat. And it doesn't always have to be paintings or traditional art. You can also choose to download and print out artworks, or get them shipped right to your doorstep. There are many online shops you can explore, so don't settle for ”whatever is available” and find the pieces that you really like.

Use a Variety of Frames

Frames can make or break your gallery wall. Black is always a safe bet but then again, it may not always be the best. Add interest to the ”look” of your wall art by using a variety of frames with different widths, colors or shades, and finishes. It will add an instant pop in your wall.

You can keep all your frames uniform, or you can mix and match different kinds. When you go to the frame shop, it is always best to see if their samples are up to your liking. You can also test if you want to mix slim frames with thick ones, or maybe wooden frames and metallic or antique options, and so on.

Putting up a gallery wall takes time and effort, but the pay-off is enormous. The time, effort, and passion you put into creating your gallery wall will emanate through the pieces you have chosen, since they provide a distinct look, feel, and character to your space.

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