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How to Attract Positive Energy in Your Living Spaces

Do you believe that the forces of the universe all come together and takes you to certain places, pushes you to certain situations and even affect your daily energy for a reason? If home is where the heart is, and the energy in your life is connected to your heart, then bring the positivity into your home with these interior decorating tips!

Clear the Clutter

The first step is always getting rid of the mess. A clean, clutter-free apartment is a harmonious one, especially if you believe in feng shui. The entryway is a main energy source, so you’ll want to prioritize this area and make sure that you keep it as clear as possible. A clear entryway is more inviting and allows the positive energies to enter your space.

Select comfortable furniture

Always choose comfort. Sure, aesthetics can be a big deal breaker but what’s the use of having a beautiful furniture if it doesn’t serve its purpose well and give you the right comfort? Some of us love soft and fluffy cushions, while others prefer thicker and tougher ones. The best kind of furniture is the one that you ultimately love because that cozy and loving feeling will radiate throughout your house.

Hang mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, and light is always a good thing. Aside from that, they also give your space the illusion of being larger than they actually are. The idea is to bounce natural light into the room so try keeping it near the window. You can also mount mirrors where you can see the reflection of outdoor views, as this is believed to bring more beauty into your home. A good technique to utilize mirrors is to place it to the side of your front door. If you believe in feng shui, never make the mirror face the front door directly -- since the reflection will repel the Qi (energy) entering your house.

Select simple decorations

The decorations you use contributes to the energy you want to sustain. It helps set the mood and the aura of your home, and is directly connected to the energy you’re trying to achieve. A good accessory to use is scented candles which, depending on the scent, affects your mood. Another important tip is using paintings or artwork and other decorative pieces that are easy on the eyes. 

Divide your space

In a small living area, dividing your space can be tough because most are set-up as flats and the rooms spill into the next. You don’t necessarily need to put up walls because there are some space-smart, functional, room-dividing options like bookshelves, curtains and many more! What you have to keep in mind is that each room needs balance, which means it needs its own boundaries or designated area.

Bring in the greenery

Having plants at home is a good way to bring in positivity. They’re known to reduce stress, depression and anxiety which is always a good thing. Living plants absorb negative energy and improve air quality. Try planting a small herb garden next to your window for an edible decorative piece, or add a flowering houseplant to your windowsill, such as an African violet.

Use the 5 elements

Each element channels a different type energy so you should incorporate that element in your living space depending on the kind of energy you want. The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The key is finding the right balance and using them in harmony. Wood brings about peace and prosperity; fire symbolizes passion; earth encourages stability; metal improves focus; and water enhances communication.

Allow your home to embody comfort and positivity with these simple tips, and let all that good energy radiate through all aspects of your life.

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