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How to Achieve an Industrial Themed Home

So, you want an industrial feel for your home? After seeing pins, photos and videos that inspired you to go industrial, what’s next? 

Industrial-themed homes have a certain charm that makes you want to kick back and relax. It’s perfect for those who like crisp and clean lines and having an organised living space. And if you think that wood and metal have never been a good combination, think again! Besides, industrial furniture can be sturdy. 

Here are some things to help you achieve the industrial style you want.

Stripped-down infrastructure 

You may want to start from scratch and have everything stripped off—yikes! The appeal of industrial homes come from its unfinished-blemished appearance. Think of it as a blank canvas or a work in progress. Expose the mechanical workings and use rustic pieces because how else will you achieve the industrial-themed home, right?

Industrial homes are inspired by old factories that were transformed into lofts. You don’t need a lot of walls or divisions. Heck, you don’t even need a ceiling! Wall trusses are a part of industrial interiors anyway, so use that to your advantage. If you noticed, a lot of industrial homes have painted brick walls and exposed finishes. This is an essential part of achieving the look. The trick is to keep it simple and practical.

Industrial furniture

Choose pieces with a raw, edgy feel. This means that wood and metals are in, and the use of unexpected building materials are even better! Floor and overhead lamps are perfect, bar stools are the bomb, and open shelves for storage are always a big hit.

Use bold accents 

Industrial spaces are somewhat minimalist so you can use bits and pieces of home accessories with striking designs for your space. You can bring a pop of color and texture out against the neutrals and whites but you should definitely use it with caution because overdoing it will defeat the purpose of styling your home in an industrial manner.

You can use wall art, printed carpets, industrial lights, and so on. You can also have an exotic piece of artwork like a bird made out of metal scraps and use it as a decorative piece. Having unique home accessories that stand out will definitely give your living space an edge. Just make sure that you choose pieces with minimal detailing, rustic materials, and exposed mechanical details.

Open spaces 

Industrial homes should be reminiscent of warehouses. They are known to have a lot of breathing room, and you can do this to your home by ditching the walls and dividers to maximise space. It also gives you easy access to everything and at the same time, creates the illusion of having a bigger space.

Opt for neutral colours

Neutral colors are universal palettes that do not necessarily follow specific themes. This is what makes it so easy to incorporate them with any design choice and style. Greys and blacks are popular colours used for industrial interiors. The idea is to keep things natural and raw.

Consider steel

When you think of industrial homes, you can expect modern kitchen furnishings, steel artifacts, and steel textured anything! This is another important factor to take note of since the industrial era is mostly composed of metal works and machines.

Find the right balance

Remember that industrial homes are meant to be rustic and raw. You’ll want it to be simple but not too boring, plain but has character, and bold but not overbearing. The key is finding the right balance in your elements just like wood and metal, which are the primary materials used for industrial homes.

Now that you know how to achieve an industrial themed home, you can easily style your space using this as a guide.

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