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Functional Furniture for Small Spaces

Living small? You’re not alone! With the population all over the globe growing, and with living spaces shrinking, tiny living is the way to go.

The good thing about living in this generation is that, before, if you had a space that is smaller than the ”standard” size, you had to get everything custom-made. Nowadays, tiny living is so common that there are furniture and home accessories designed specifically for small spaces. The availability of these pieces makes it easier for you to transition or find pieces you see fit to have in your home. 

Here are some functional furniture ideas that you can use for your tiny home:

Expandable Clothing Racks

Keep your clothes organized by having an expandable clothing rack instead of having a cabinet. It saves you space and time when picking out clothes in the morning. It also means you don’t have to buy new storage when you add clothes. Just extend it and viola! You’re all set!

Sofa Bed

To maximize your space, opt for furniture with a dual purpose such as a sofa bed. A sofa bed gives you comfortable seating during the day and cozy sleeping space at night. There are many kinds of sofa beds in the market these days, and they come in various configurations. You can also opt for modular sofas, which you can rearrange to suit your changing needs. 

Hidden Bed

There are many versions of hidden beds as they can double as desks, cabinets, and even platform floors! The idea is that the bed you sleep on can be expanded, pulled out or unfolded from either your wall, floor, or even other furniture pieces. Having this set-up allows you to optimize your space since your living area can double up as your bedroom at night. 

Wall-Mounted Folding Tables and Chairs 

Just like hidden beds, tables and chairs can also be stowed away when not in use. Sometimes, they can even be folded one layer on top of the other just like pocket knives. The fun thing is, you can barely tell that it’s there! It can be hiding in plain sight like when they’re made to look like artworks or as part of the sink or kitchen counter.

Unlike picnic tables and folding chairs, it only takes a hand or finger to get your set unfolded as most of them slide- or swivel-in, or pull-up.

Extendable Table

Another practical furniture to have is an extendable table. You don’t need to buy an extra table for when you have guests or when you’re working on a project that requires more space, you can just flip the extension up and you’ll get the extra space you need. Most extendable tables can be easily pulled out, flipped open and contracted when needed.

Multipurpose Kitchen Island

Most kitchen islands are custom-made. You have to do some research on designing your kitchen counter or spend a little more on getting it built, but you can save space and add functionality to your kitchen by doing so. After all, in this age and time, kitchen islands are no longer just for food preparation, it can be used for storage, as a table for casual meals and socializing, as well as for doing arts and crafts.

There are many other ways to use your space efficiently and impressively. In fact, you’ll even find it exciting to look at all the ideas online, as some may actually surprise you. Remember, the key is getting the right furniture for small spaces is to be practical and creative.

So, now that you have some ideas, it's time to choose what you need for your home!

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