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5 Reasons to Add Indoor Plants to Your Home

Whether you’re a plant lover or you don’t mind them that much, we’re pretty sure that you have noticed homes or workspaces that have indoor plants. Have you ever thought about why plants are important to have in your home? 

Here are five reasons to help you consider having plants in your home (or office).

They’re pretty.

This is a dead giveaway. Plants, with or without flowers, look beautiful especially when styled. Having plants in decorative pots revives your home and having indoor plants means that they don’t require too much care and maintenance. They can fill out those awkward spaces and give your home a cool and fresh ambiance. Besides, a little green in the room also helps to make it livelier.

They’re natural air purifiers. 

Let’s go back to science class from our elementary years. Plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. They can cleanse the air around your home from toxic chemicals that are usually found in paint, cigarettes, vinyl, and solvents which is why houseplants make the best natural air purifiers.

Plants also release water as moisture vapor which raises the air’s humidity which helps protect us from getting dry coughs, sore throat, and other respiratory problems.

Get all-natural ingredients

No, this is not a drill! There are indoor plants that produce fruits and vegetables that are 100% edible. You can also have herbs and spices in your kitchen to keep them handy when you cook your favorite dishes. The best examples for indoor fruit-bearing plants are tomatoes, avocados, lemons, and mandarin oranges. For herbs in your kitchen, you can have basil, chives, lemongrass, oregano, mint, parsley, and so on.

They help reduce stress.

There are studies that show having plants in the room can lower increased heart rate and high blood pressure, and also alleviate respiratory problems. Being around nature reduces anxiety and depression as it makes you feel better emotionally. It also reduces muscle tension and lessens the production of stress hormones. 

There is also evidence of positive relationships between having greens or natural elements in your environment and people's overall mental and general health. This is the reason why modern cities are now giving importance to open parks and green spaces.

They improve your wellbeing.

As mentioned previously, they contribute to better health. They’re beautiful and make you smile while contributing to the general feeling of wellbeing. They also give off a positive energy that helps you feel more optimistic

Plants, especially those with colourful flowers are also usually linked with good things such as celebrations, showing appreciation. Celebratory flowers have a strong spiritual and sentimental link to people and their loved ones.

There are many different kinds of plants that you can use indoors. Each of them has a certain vibe, character, and purpose, so be sure to check out what kind of plant suits your space and personality before heading off to the garden shop and digging up some soil.

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